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Poker - Deposit Bonuses

How To Earn Bonus Money When Playing Poker

Once poker bonuses are transferred into the Poker Free Money account, the Free money becomes Real Money by earning the required number of poker bonus points.

For ring game play, poker bonus points are awarded on the following scale. 0.07 Player points are awarded for every every $0.10 (ten cents) paid in rake. So if there is $3 (three dollars) in rake, then you earn 2.1 poker bonus points for that hand. (0.07 points/$0.10) * $3 = 2.1 points

For tournament play, poker bonus points are awarded based on the following scale. For every $1 (one dollar) in tournament fees, you receive 5 (five) poker bonus points. So, if you register and play in a $20 + $2 tournament - you are awarded 10 (ten) poker bonus points - five for each dollar in tournaments fees paid.

How Poker Sign Up Bonuses Work

When you make an initial deposit in the "My Account" page, a "Free money" amount will be credited to your Cashier Free Money account.

To earn your "Free money" in poker, you may transfer up to the available amount from the "Cashier Free Money" account to the "Poker Free Money" account*. The bonus will now be listed under the Poker Bonus Status section and will show the number of points required and the expiry date (60 days) that the bonus must be cleared by. Once all of the required points have been earned, the full bonus amount will be credited to your Poker account.

* Please be aware that transfers to your Poker Bonus account is irreversible and therefore, only the amount that can be earned by the expiry date (60 days) should be transferred.

An example of how poker bonuses work at a 10:1 ratio:

Deposit Bonus % Amount Deposited Bonus Money Earned Player Points Needed
50% $50 $25 250
100% $50 $50 500
200% $50 $100 1000

Calculation example:
(250PP = $25 Bonus Money X 10)

Please note: Player points are subject to change without notice. Please contact our customer service for more information. This section does not apply to Casino or Sports book.

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