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Official Terms and Conditions
Available Wager Types
1 Moneyline Wagers
2 Pointspread Wagers
3 Over/Under Wagers
4 Buying Points
5 Parlays
6 Progressive Parlays
7 Teasers
8 If Wagers (Win and Action)
9 Reverse Wagers (Win and Action)
10 Asian Handicapping - Soccer
11 Futures, Props and Special Wagers
1 What is a Free Bet?
2 How do I place a single wager?
3 How do I buy points?
4 How do I place a parlay wager?
5 How do I place a teaser wager?
6 How do I create an IF wager?
7 How do I create a reverse wager?
8 How do I place an Asian Handicap wager?
9 How are my winnings calculated?
10 How do I request sports wagering limits?

Available Wager Types

Moneyline Wagers
This type of wager requires that your selection win outright. Odds are determined by something called a money line or price. Money lines are represented by a number preceded by either + or a – such as –110. A price is the same money line converted into a decimal such as 1.91.

European Wagers Straight Wagers
These wagers require you to select the outcome of an event. Your choice needs to either win, lose or draw for your wager to win. Selections in these wagers are accompanied by a price only such as 1.91.

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Point Spread Wagers
Your selection must win by more than (or lose by less than) the adjusted line.

Team Spread
Miami -3.0
Green Bay +3.0

  • If you were to select 'Green Bay Packers + 3.0', the Packers must win the game by less than 3 points, or lose by less than 3 points.
  • If you select 'Miami Dolphins - 3.0', the Dolphins need to win the game by more than 3 points.

With regards to point spread betting, the odds are always -110 (or 1.91) which means you win $100 for each $110 bet. If the game happens to tie on the point spread, i.e. neither team wins nor loses by the specified amount, the bet is cancelled and the wager is returned.

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Over/Under Wagers
You can place a wager based on the total final score of the game. You can bet the final combined score of the two participating teams will be “over” or “under” a specified total. Over/Unders are always –110 unless otherwise noted.

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Buying Points
Buying Points is limited to football and basketball only. In 1/2 point increments, you can buy from 1/2 a point to a total of 3 points, . Buying points can only be applied to a pointspread wager or to an over/under. You cannot buy points on a moneyline.

For every 1/2 point you buy, your selection will cost you an additional 10 cents.

Example 1

The line is:

Detroit Pistons +4 -110

You buy 11/2 points, the line is now:

Detroit Pistons +5.5 -140

* Football has an exception. When you buy points that move the line onto or off of 3, that will cost you 25 cents instead of 10 cents.

Example 2

The line is:

Dallas Cowboys +2.5 -110

You buy 1/2 point, the line is now:

Dallas Cowboys +3.0 -135

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Combining different wagers from various sports is a great way to increase your potential payout. In order for a combination wager to win, all of your selections must win . Any ties remove that game from your combination and reduce your combination by one, which will, in turn, reduce the pay out. In the event that your combination is reduced to a single game, that wager will be played as a regular, single selection wager.

The bet price is calculated by multiplying the individual prices of your selections. All your selections must win for the bet to pay out.

Team Spread
Miami -3.0
Green Bay +3.0
Dallas +6.0

This combination bet would be priced at 6.96 (1.91 x 1.91 x 1.91). In other words, for a $10 bet, your return would be $69.60.

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Progressive Parlays
Progressive parlays differ from regular parlays in that they have a fixed payout and they only apply to 4 and 8 team parlays. Also, you still have the opportunity to win if you lose one of your selections. In a 4 team progressive parlay if you lose one game and win the other 3 you still win. In an 8 team progressive parlay you can win with either 6, 7 or 8 wins.

Payout Charts
4 team 8 Team
4 wins 4-1 (+400) 8 Wins 75-1 (+7500)
3 wins 1-1 (+300) 7 Wins 5-1 (+500)
    6 Wins 3-1 (+300)

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Teaser Wagers (Football or Basketball)
A teaser wager allows you to make a combination bet on football or basketball with the point spread adjusted or “teased” in your favour. You can adjust the point spread of your selections in football by 6, 6.5 or 7 points. In basketball, point spreads can be adjusted by 4, 4.5 or 5 points.

All of your selections must win for a teaser wager to win. Any ties take that game off of your combination and reduce your combination by one, which in turn reduces the pay out. If your teaser is reduced to a single game your teaser wager will be cancelled and your wager will be returned to you.

There are also two special teaser wagers called “Sweetheart Teasers”. These are always 3 team teasers where ties lose. You must win all three games in order for your teaser to win. If football the “Sweetheart Teaser” gives 10 points while a basketball “Sweetheart Teaser” adjusts your line by 7 points.

Team Spread 6.0 6.5 7.0
Miami -3.0 +3.0 +3.5 +4.0
Green Bay +3.0 +9.0 +9.5 +10.0
Dallas +6.0 +12.0 +12.5 +13.0

In this example (above), if you picked Miami in a 6 point teaser you would get Miami at +3.0 points instead of -3.0 points. So if Miami won the game or lost by up to 2 points that part of your teaser bet would win. A 6.5 or a 7 point teaser would give you Miami at +3.5 and +4.0 respectively. If you picked Dallas, you could move their point spread to +12.0, +12.5 or +13.0.

Teaser Prices (Basketball/Football)
# of Teams 4/6pt 4.5/6.5pt 5.0/7pt 7.0/10.0pt
2 teams 10/12 (1.83) 10/13 (1.77) 10/14 (1.71) N/A
3 teams 8/5 (2.60) 7/5 (2.40) 6/5 (2.20) 10/12 (1.83)
4 teams 5/2 (3.50) 2/1 (3.00) 9/5 (2.90) N/A
5 teams 4/1 (5.00) 7/2 (4.50) 3/1 (4.00) N/A
6 teams 6/1 (7.00) 5/1 (6.00) 4/1 (5.00) N/A
7 teams 9/1 (10.00) 8/1 (9.00) 7/1 (8.00) N/A
8 teams 14/1 (15.00) 12/1 (13.00) 10/1 (11.00) N/A

* Decimal prices (which include your wager) are in parenthesis.

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If Wagers (Win and Action)
You would place an IF Wager when you want action on a second game (or more games) without wanting to risk more than your original wager amount for a single wager. You can add up to 8 teams in an IF wager. You can also request an IF wager if 2 or more games are being played simultaneously.

Placing an IF wager is advantageous in that you only need to risk your original wager while taking action on up to 8 wagers.

There are two types of IF wagers: IF WIN and IF ACTION. Your IF WIN wager will continue only if your wagers continue to win. If any of your games lose, tie or are cancelled for any reason, your entire IF wager ends. IF ACTION wagers allow your IF wager to continue if one of your games ties or is cancelled for any reason.

Rules For IF Wagers
1. The initial choice for an IF wager must start at the same time or before the rest of your IF wager selections. Example: Your first selection starts at 1pm so your other selections must start at either 1pm or later.
2. You cannot IF a game to itself or any associated prop to that game. Example: You cannot IF the first half of a game to the full game or the other way around.
3. You are required to place a bet amount for each of your selections in the IF wager. Your bet amounts cannot exceed the previous bet total payout. Example: If you wager $110 to win $100 on your first selection, then your next selection in the IF wager cannot be for more then $110.
4. You can place IF wagers between leagues and sports

IF WIN Example
Team Line Bet Payout Status Total
Dallas Cowboys +7, -110 $110 $100 WIN $210
Miami Dolphins +4, -110 $110 $100 WIN $210
Detroit Pistons +5, -110 $110 $100 Lose $0.00
LA KINGS -.5, +120 No Action on this wager
Total Bet: $110
Total Win: $200

Team Line Bet Payout Status Total
Dallas Cowboys +7, -110 $110 $100 WIN $210
Miami Dolphins +4, -110 $110 $100 Cancel $110 (Refund)
Detroit Pistons +5, -110 $110 $100 WIN $210
LA KINGS -.5, +120 $110 $120 WIN $220
Total Bet: $110
Total Win: $320

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Reverse Wagers (Win and Action)
"Reverse Bets" are a pair of IF wagers going both forward and in "reverse" order. Each team included in the Reverse will pair with another team to form two IF bets. Each bet in the reverse is an individual straight wager for the full amount of the reverse (each bet is for the same amount).

Reverse Wager Rules
1. The first selection for your Reverse wager must start at the same time or before the second selection. Example: Your first selection starts at 1pm so your other selection must start at either 1pm or later. 2. You cannot reverse a game to itself or any associated prop to that game. Example: You cannot Reverse the first half of a game to the full game or the other way around. 3. You can only reverse for the amount that you wager on the previous bet. Example: if you wager $110 to win $100 on a game the second selection can only be for a maximum risk amount of $110 4. You can place reverse wagers between leagues and sports 5. Reverse wagers can only be placed with two selections 6. Both Reverse WIN and Reverse ACTION are available.

Reverse WIN Example:
A 2 team reverse is really 2 IF Bets. If you bet on Dallas and Miami the wager would work as follows:

If Dallas Wins then Miami
and If Miami Wins then Dallas

Possible Outcomes: 1) Both teams win: you would have bet a total of $220 ($110 on each IF wager) and won $400 for a total of $620 payout. 2) Dallas wins and Miami loses: In this case, the first IF bet (Dallas if win then Miami) you win the first straight bet and lose the second one. For a total loss of $10 ($220 bet and only $210 won). On the second IF (Miami if win then Dallas) you lose the first straight, having no action on the second one. For the second IF there is a loss of $110 ($110 bet, nothing won). This gives a net loss of $120 for this situation. 3) Miami wins and Dallas loses: This follows the same result as the previous example. 4) Both teams lose: In this case you would loses the first part of both IF wagers and loses a total of $220.

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Asian Handicapping - Soccer Only
With Asian Handicaps, you bet on either the favourite or the underdog. There is no "Tie" bet. The handicap, or spread, removes the gap in ability between the favourite and underdog making the match a contest of equal ability. The bigger the ability gap is between both teams, the larger the handicap will be.

The simple example of this style of wagering would be the following:
Team Spread
Arsenal -0.5
Manchester +0.5

Arsenal would be considered the favourite because 1/2 a goal is subtracted from their final score. Manchester would be the underdog because 1/2 goal is added to their final score. In this example, if you were to choose Arsenal, Arsenal would need to win the game by 1 goal. If the game ended in a 1-1 tie, then you would lose your wager because the final adjusted score would be Arsenal .5 and Manchester 1.

Sometimes the handicap line becomes more complicated and a second line is added. This is called a splitball and here is an example:
Team Spread
Arsenal -0.5, -1.0
Manchester +0.5, +1.0

Again, Aresenal would be considered the favorite because of the negative line. In this case, you would be placing two bets; one for Arsenal at -0.5 and one for Arsenal at -1.0. If the game was to end with Arsenal winning 2-1, the result would be as follows:

You bet $100 on the wager which would be split into two $50 wagers. $50 on Arsenal at -0.5 and $50 on Arsenal at -1.0. Here are the possible outcomes for this example:

Arsenal Loses - Your total payout on a $100 bet would be $0.
You lose the -0,5 bet
You lose the -1.0 bet

Arsenal wins by 1 goal - Your total payout on a $100 bet would be $150.
You win the -0.5 bet and win $50
You tie the -1.0 bet and are refunded $50

The game is tied - Your total payout on a $100 bet would be $0.
You win the -0.5 bet and win $50
You tie the -1.0 bet and are refunded $50

Arsenal wins by 2 or more goals - Your total payout on a $100 bet would be $200.
You win the -0.5 bet and win $50
You win the -1.0 bet and win $50

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Future Wagers
Future wagers are bets that you make on events that will happen in the near future. An example would be betting on an NFL team to win the Superbowl before the NFL season begins. The bets list all applicable participants and the odds are either displayed as a fraction or as a price.

Propositions and Special Wagers
Proposition and special wagers are all other wagers that are not covered by the other wager types mentioned above. This includes wagers such as golf match-ups, individual player wagers and other types of bets. Propositions and special wager odds are displayed as either a fraction or as a price.

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How Can I Make A Free Bet?

Occassionally we will run a promotion that allows you to make a FREE wager on a specific event. Simply follow the promotion links to the bet card and place a wager on the event that has "Free Wager" listed in it's title. You are required to place the wager for exactly the amount listed, nothing more or less. In order to place this free bet, you need to have at least the amount of the wager already in your REAL money account.

When you place the wager, no money from your account will be deducted and if you win, your account will be credited with the winnings for that wager. Here is an example:

The Free Bet is a $20 wager on the Miami/Dallas NFL game. You choose Miami -7 and place the $20 wager. You have $50 in your REAL money account so you are allowed to place this wager. Miami wins the game by 10 point and you win the bet. $22 was added to your REAL money account. If you lose, it doesn't cost you a penny.

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How do I place a single wager?

For all events on which live betting is available,schedules and odds are posted. You can add a single wager by clicking on the "Bet" symbol beside your selection. This will add your selection to the bet card. Once you have entered the wager amount on your bet card, click on 'Place Bet' to submit your bet. Your bet is recorded and your wager will be instantly deducted from your account. When the game has been played and the outcome to your bet has been resolved any winnings will be added to your account right away.

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How do I buy points?

Buying Points can only be done on basketball and football pointspreads and over/unders. Choose the game, team and bet type you wish to bet on. When you make your selection, a list of Buying Points options becomes available. You can add any number of points from 1/2 to 3 simply by clicking on the appropriate button. If you want to go back to the default line, click on Straight Bet.

Once you have made your selection and bought your points, your bet ticket will now reflect your adjusted line.

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How do I place a parlay wager?

You can combine any selections that are available onto one betting card, up to a maximum of selections. You do this by choosing one event at a time by clicking the “Bet” symbol next to your selection. This will add your selection to the bet card. You can now add a second selection to the bet card by adding another selection from the same sport or by going to a new sport and adding another selection.

When you have more than one selection on a bet card, your bet price will begin to increase as you add multiple wagers.

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How do I place a teaser wager?

Your teaser selection must be from either football or basketball point spreads or over/unders. You can not mix the sports. Click on the “Bet” symbol beside your selections in order to have them added to your bet card. Once you have 2 selections that qualify for a teaser wager, the teaser menu will pop up. At that time you can choose what type of teaser you want (e.g. 7 Point Teaser). Enter the wager amount on your bet card and click on 'Place Bet' to submit your bet.

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How do I create an IF Wager?

To create an IF wager you need to select two or more teams and add them to your bet card. The bet list options will display IF WIN and IF ACTION. Select the type of IF wager you are interested in placing by selecting one of these two options.

Once you have chosen your IF wager type and the teams you want to have in your wager, you now need to enter the bet amounts for each selection. Remember that you cannot add additional teams that are playing before your first selection. Also remember that your wagers for each additional bet cannot be for more than your original wager.

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How do I create a Reverse Wager?

To create a Reverse Wager you need to select two teams and add them to your bet card. In the bet type list you will see Reverse WIN and Reverse ACTION. Choose the type of Reverse you want to make and enter your bet amount. Remember that the bet amount you enter will actually be double that because you are basically creating two IF wagers.

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How do I place an Asian Handicap wager (Soccer Only)?

To create an Asian Handicapping bet, choose your team and the attached line. Then enter your bet amount. If you are placing a "Splitball" wager then remember your wager will be split into two wagers, one for each line.

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How are my winnings calculated?

When you add selections to your Bet Card, the potential payout for your current wager is calculated and displayed automatically for you. The calculation is determined as follows:

The decimal price that we display is the price you get for the outcome of your event. This price includes your bet amount. Your winnings are calculated by simply multiplying your bet amount by the displayed odds. For example:

Place a $100 bet at a price of 3.5

Your return would be:
$100 x 3.5 = $350

On North American Sports, the equivalent 'cents line' or “money line” is also displayed. With a 'positive' money line, which indicates the underdog, for every 100 cents you bet, you receive the amount displayed plus your bet amount. For example:

Place a $10 bet at a cents line of +130 (decimal price of 2.3)

Your return would be:
($10 x 130 cents) + $10 bet amount = $23 (= $10 x 2.3)

With a 'negative' cents line, which indicates the favourite, for every 100 cents you wish to win, you need to bet an amount equivalent to the displayed line. For example:

Place a $12 bet at a cents line of –120 (decimal price of 1.83)

Your return would be:
$10 + $12 bet amount = $22 (= $12 x 1.83)

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How do I request sports wagering limits?

Sports wagering limits are always available upon request by contacting Customer Support ... click this for contact info

Official Terms and Conditions for Participation at

Participation in the online sports wagering, fantasy sports, casino games and pay for play tournament games (collectively the "Gaming System") is open to residents of legal age in a jurisdiction of residence, where the Gaming System is not prohibited. Employees of (the "Company"), its licensees, distributors, affiliates, and subsidiaries are not eligible to participate in the Gaming System. A person who participates in the Gaming System is hereafter called "Player" or "Customer."

By opening an account, use and reuse of such an account, participation in the Gaming System, or acceptance of any prize, Player represents, warrants and certifies all of the following:

  1. Player becomes party to the terms and conditions specified by and agrees to abide by these terms and conditions, including any revisions which may periodically take place. At least once a month, Player agrees to review the terms and conditions on the web site:

  2. The Games are subject to the laws and regulations of the nation of Curacao.

  3. Player fully understands the standards and laws, as such standards and laws relate to the Gaming System, of the community/legal jurisdiction where he/she is resident. Player has the complete and unrestricted legal right to participate in the Gaming System. Player's participation in the Gaming System is not prohibited by any government with proper jurisdiction.

  4. Player has reached the age of 18 or the legal age of majority in his/her jurisdiction, whichever is greater.

  5. Player shall not allow any other person or third party; including, without limitation, any minor, to use or reuse Player's account, accept any prize, or participate in the Gaming System.

  6. Players are forbidden from creating multiple accounts. Multiple accounts with the same name, address or IP address shall be considered one and the same. If it is determined that multiple accounts have been created, reserves the right to confiscate any winnings incurred throughout the duration of the registered account(s) and all sports wagers will be void.

  7. Any applicable taxes and fees in connection with any awarded prize are the sole responsibility of Player. Prizes cannot be transferred, substituted, or redeemed for any other prize.

  8. Player's participation in the Gaming System is personal and not professional. reserves the right to limit steam plays and wise guy action.

  9. Player acknowledges that full freedom from errors or incompleteness is impossible to achieve with respect to computer software. Should Player become aware that the software contains an obvious error or incompleteness Player undertakes to refrain from taking any advantage whatsoever thereof. Moreover, promptly upon becoming aware of such error or incompleteness Player shall notify the Company in writing. Regardless of whether Player becomes aware of any such errors, shall not be held liable for payment of any sort which may become due as a result of software, administrative, hardware failure, faults, or technical difficulties.

  10. Should Player fail to fulfil his undertakings under this Clause, the Company, or anyone appointed by the Company, shall be entitled to full compensation for all costs, including costs for rectifying the software, that may be referred to the error or incompleteness in question and Player's omission to notify the Company.

  11. To maintain a high level of security to protect the Player's funds, the Company performs random security checks. The Player hereby accepts that the Company maintains the right to demand additional documentation in order to verify the Player as the cardholder in the event of a security check.

  12. Any dispute arising out of or relating to the Gaming, prizes, web site, client application, ;, and/or any e-commerce provider utilized shall be governed by the laws of Curacao, excluding choice of law principles.

  13. Players of are eligible to receive free bonuses from time to time, including a free bonus when signing up and for referrals. Said free bonuses, as to its amount and issuance, shall be subject to the discretion of and shall be non-transferable and non-refundable. Free Money can only be spent along with real money at a pre-determined ratio set by the casino and sportsbook manager. Please consult the bonus section of the site or contact for specific bonus rules.

  14. The agreement between and the Player may be terminated by the Player at the Player's request. Or if deemed necessary reserves the right to revoke the agreement between the Player and .

  15. You are solely responsible for the security of your PIN and your password. Should you inadvertently let someone else know your password you shall contact immediately and change your password. Players are responsible for any unauthorized use of their account. In the event that a third party places a bet or is thought to have placed a bet, said bet shall be valid, whether or not the alleged third party had the prior consent or knowledge of the Player. Under no circumstances will any bet be cancelled for that reason. In the event that a Player suspects that a third party may have its password or username, the Player may at anytime ask that furnish the customer with a new password and username.

  16. Any amount withdrawn by the Player shall be forwarded to the Player within 7 days of the withdraw pending the results of satisfactory anti-fraud processes. Funds can be withdrawn via check, wire transfer or other methods that may be offered. We reserve the right to request additional forms of identification before sending a withdrawal. All deposits must be rolled over one time before any withdrawal requests are made. If a withdrawal is made before the Terms & Conditions are met, all withdrawals as well as any money earned by wagering will be forfeited.

  17. shall reserve the right to suspend or withdraw any game at its' absolute discretion.

  18. All personal details of all users will be held in confidence unless users agree to their identities and details being used for future publicity purposes.

  19. In the event of the cancellation of any game for any reason, will not be liable.

  20. will not be liable in the following scenarios:

    • in the event of force majeure
    • the failure of 's central computer system or any part thereof
    • for delays, losses, errors, or omissions resulting from failure of any telecommunications or any other data transmission system
    • for any loss as a result of any act of God
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  21. accepts no liability for any damages, which may be caused to the Player by the interception or misuse of any information transmitted over the Internet

  22. These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire Agreement and understanding between and the Player. In the event of there being a discrepancy between the English language version of these Terms and Conditions and any other language version the English language version will be deemed to be correct.

  23. a. The maximum dollar amount that may be won by an individual customer on a weekly basis is US$25,000.00 reserves the right to refuse or limit any wager.

    b. We can send a maximum of $2000 per week. Any amount greater than $2000 is divided (no part can be larger than $2000) and sent on consecutive weeks until the total amount has been delivered.

  24. By registering for an account and/or participating in any tournament offered on the Site, you acknowledge that all information contained on the Site may be protected, in all forms and media, by one or more valid copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade     secrets, or other proprietary rights, and that all such rights are owned by the Site. You may not modify, publish, participate in the transfer or sale of, create derivative works from, or in any way exploit this information, except that you may download one copy for your personal, non-commercial home use only, provided you keep intact all copyright and other proprietary notices.

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  27. In the event a customer receives any bonus, comp or added account credit beyond their own deposits, customer agrees to wager an amount equivalent to the greater of: A. twelve times the amount of the actual comp or bonus, or B. four times the amount of the initial deposit that the bonus is based on. Additional bonus restrictions may apply – please consult with the disclaimer for the particular bonus or contact

  28. Within the account registration process, Company may offer an application designed for attempting to limit deposits made by Player within a particular time period, as determined by Player. As there are multiple options in which Player may make a deposit(s), no representations whatsoever are made as to the effectiveness of such application. Player therefore accepts sole responsibility for all deposits made with Company regardless of any pre-selected deposit limitation.

Sports Specific Terms and Conditions at

  1. Las Vegas rules, regulations, payoffs and wager types apply where not covered herein.

  2. All sporting events must be played on date and site scheduled unless otherwise specified. Sporting events postponed by more than 12 hours and or rescheduled, will constitute "No Action," and all money will be credited accordingly.

  3. All bets must be made and accepted, before the start of the game/event wagered. Any bet placed or received after the start of the game/event wagered, will be considered void.

  4. reserves the right to limit the maximum amount wagered, prior to acceptance of any bet. Customers are not permitted to open multiple accounts or place multiple wagers, regardless of a change in odds, in order to bypass the limits imposed by the system. If multiple accounts or wagers are used then all bets will be void.

  5. In the event that monies are credited to a customer's account in error, it is incumbent upon the customer to notify of the aforesaid error without delay. Any winnings realized after the error, whether directly or indirectly subsequent to the error but prior to notification of , shall be void.

  6. does not recognize suspended games, protests, scoring amendments, result reversals and overturned decisions for wagering purposes.

  7. In order for a bet to be valid, a customer must receive a bet number confirming from that the bet has been accepted. This will be via a confirmation message that will appear on your screen and/or via email.

  8. Once bets are accepted they cannot be cancelled or amended in any way, either by Player or by, unless determines that such wagers were affected by technical or administrative errors.

  9. Every effort will be made to ensure that all information available on the Internet site is accurate. However, if an error is made in the prices or conditions published on-line, we reserve the right to correct any mistakes and to settle any bets already laid at the correct price.

  10. The sports wagering services offered by are not for use by individuals or groups deemed to be professional bettors. In the event that a Player(s) is deemed to be a professional bettor, their account will be subject to immediate termination with any remaining account balances, including all deposits and winnings in Player's account, being returned to the Player. For purposes of this clause, winning wagers will only be paid on events that have been played prior to notice of account termination being sent to Player.

  11. Winners and losers are official after:

    • American Football - NCAA & NFL - 55 minutes of play

    • Basketball - NBA - 43 minutes of play

    • Basketball - NCAA - 35 minutes of play

    • Hockey - NHL - 55 minutes of play

    • All other sporting events - 55 minutes of play

    • Overtime periods, quarters or extra innings are counted in the final score when wagering on totals.

    • On half time wagers, overtime periods are included as part of the 2nd half.

    • Other Sports: All other contests that involve a scheduled length of play or time limit must play to their conclusion or have five minutes or less of the scheduled playing time remaining when the contest concludes to be considered official for wagering purposes.

    • Baseball - Major League Baseball games are official after 5 innings of play, or 4.5 innings if the home team is leading. If a game is subsequently called or suspended, the winner is determined by the score after the last full inning unless the home team ties the score or takes the lead in the bottom half of the inning. Then the winner will be determined by the score at the time the game is called. When wagering on total runs or run lines, the game must go the regulation 9 innings, or 8.5 innings if the home team is leading, otherwise it will constitute a "No Action" wager, and all money will be credited accordingly. Wagers on total runs will be refunded if a pitcher change occurs prior to both listed pitchers throwing at least one pitch.

    • Baseball wagers are accepted as "Listed." In the event of a pitching change prior to the game, all wagers on a team are considered "No Action". All wagers will be refunded to the customers account.

    • Any and all baseball series wagers must have all 3 games played by the end of a specified date for the wager to have action. If all 3 games are not played by that specified date then all wagers are NO ACTION, regardless if one team has 2 wins. All 3 games must be official by Las Vegas Gaming Standards (see our rules regarding baseball wagers and what constitutes an official result)

      NOTE: Each team's starting pitcher is defined for betting purposes as the pitcher that throws the first pitch.

    • All baseball propositions must go the full 9 (8˝) innings unless otherwise stated. They also must start the listed pitchers.

    • Boxing - In boxing, the official stopping of a round before the sounding of the bell does not constitute a full round. A full round is only considered for wagering purposes when the bell sounds signifying the end of said round.

    • Special Boxing Rule: Fights must be run within one week of the specified date for your bet to have action.

    • Golf - For golf tournament matchup betting all of the players listed in the matchup bet offer must tee off for your bet to have action. The player with the most completed holes wins. If the players complete the same number of holes, then the player with the lowest score wins. If the players are still tied then the winner will be deemed for betting purposes the player who scored the lowest score in the last round played and so on, until a winner is found. If both golfers in a match-up are in a playoff: a) winner of play-off wins matchup and b) all other playoff participants tie each other.

    • Should a tournament be shortened, or otherwise affected, due to weather conditions the official result will be used when settling, regardless of the number or rounds played. However, should there be no further play after a bet is struck that bet will be void.

    • Single day matchups are wagers on the particular day's 18-holes. Single Day mathups do not include holes played as part of a completion from the previous day's round nor playoff holes considered part of the overall tournament score. Should a day's round be shortened, or otherwise affected, due to weather conditions and the round is continued the next day, the full 18 holes will are considered in determining the outcome of the bet even if they are played over two days. If a full 18 holes are not completed by both members of the matchup, all bets are void. If both players end the 18 holes in a tie, the bet is considered a no action wager.

    • Football/Soccer - All football/soccer bets will be settled on 90 minutes play, this includes any time added by the Referee in respect of injuries and other stoppages. Extra Time, Golden Goals and Penalty Shoot-Outs do not count.

    • For bets on football/soccer, in order to place your bet correctly, you must predict the result of at least one (1) game:1=home win, 0=draw, 2=away win. The Player can, of course, bet a parlay (or "combination"), but must get all the selections correct in the parlay column.

    • Bets taken on 'first goalscorer' will be void if the player does not take part in the game or comes on after a goal has already been scored. Bets taken on 'last goalscorer' will be void if the player does not play or comes on as a substitute.

    • If any match is abandoned, or postponed, all bets will be void unless the relevant market result has already happened; for example, 'first goal scorer betting, which will stand if a goal has already been scored.

    • Where a venue is changed, bets will stand unless the game is to be played at the original away team's ground in which case all bets will be void.

    • Cricket - For Cricket games, if the match is shortened by the weather, bets will be governed by the official competition rules.

    • Rugby - For Rugby Games, if any match is abandoned or postponed all bets will be void, except bets on the first try scorer if a try has been scored prior to abandonment.

    • Where a venue is changed, bets will stand unless the game is to be played at the original away team's ground in which case all bets will be void.

    • Tennis - Two full sets must be completed without either player retiring or being disqualified for wagers to stand. If less than 2 sets are completed, all wagers will be considered void. In the event of any of the following circumstances taking place all bets will stand: (i) a change of playing surface, (ii) a change of venue or (iii) a change from indoor court to outdoor court or vice versa.

    • Motorsports - In the event that the driver or team that a customer bets upon for the outright championship does not start the race, the bet is considered action (no refunds on the bet). Both drivers must start the race for matchup wagering for the bet to have action. The start of any motor race is defined as the signal to start the warm-up lap. The official winner at the conclusion of the race will be the winner for betting purposes.

    • Special Motorsport Rule: Races must be run within one week of the scheduled date for your bet to have action.

    • Parlay or Multiples Betting - No multiple (parlay) bets can be accepted where individual legs are 'connected'. For example, one leg of a parlay is for Sampras to beat Henman in the 4th round of Wimbeldon and the second or additional part of the parlay is for Sampras to win the overall Wimbledon title. The match forms part of the overall tournament and is therefore 'connected'. In the same way, you cannot parlay the over of the first half of a football game with the over of the total game, because the two are 'connected'

    • Dead Heat - In the event of a dead heat (a tie), stakes will be divided by the number of selections dead heating with the divided stake settled at full odds, remaining stakes are lost. If the tie was a betting option, then the dead heat rule does not apply. The Dead Heat Rule only applies to Future Wagers. For example, if there is a 3 way tie for the Top Scorer in a Football game. Then your winnings are calculated by taking your stake, dividing it by 3, and multiplying that amount by the odds on your betting ticket.

Games of Skill Specific Terms and Conditions

  1. The results of all tournaments offered within the Gaming System depend on the number and skill level of the players participating in such tournaments; precise odds of winning are therefore unavailable.

  2. Prizes are generally cash amounts which are deposited directly into winners' accounts. The cash value of prizes offered in Limited Entry Tournaments will be disclosed at the beginning of such tournaments. If a Limited Entry tournament has to close prematurely, such as for maintenance or technical problems, the prize for the tournament will be proportional to how full the tournament was at the time of closing. The cash value of prizes offered in Unlimited Jackpot Tournaments will depend on the number of participants participating in such tournaments, and will not be available until such tournaments have ended.

  3. The results and winners of each tournament offered within the Gaming System will be determined by . By registering and/or participating in any tournament, you agree to be bound by these determinations.

  4. In case of a malfunction or disruption of service for which the Gaming System is responsible that prevents you from completing a tournament in which you have begun to participate, the Company will, upon receipt of a refund request, refund the entry fee charged for that unfinished tournament only. The Company reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether it is responsible for any such malfunction or disruption. The Company reserves the right to limit your tournament play or terminate your account should The Company determine, in its sole discretion, that you have intentionally caused such a malfunction or disruption. The Company is not liable for any potential winnings from any unfinished tournament. games are played over the Internet which reaches virtually every country in the world. Some of these jurisdictions have not addressed the legality of Internet gaming, while some have specifically made Internet gaming illegal. In practical terms, it is impossible for to determine the state of the law in every country, state, and province around the world on an ongoing basis. Therefore, by clicking the "I agree" button, you are acknowledging that you have determined what the laws are in your jurisdiction, and that it is legal for you to place a bet via the Internet, and for to receive your bet via the Internet. Should there be any discrepancy in the legality of any transactions between yourself and ,or any of it's affiliates, the matter shall be determined by a court of competent jurisdiction in the country of Curacao, which is where is incorporated and where it conducts business. Any matter to be adjudicated shall be determined utilizing the laws of Curacao.

    All bets with are considered to be placed and received in Curacao.

    All contractual issues between yourself and , or any of its affiliates, that are disputed, shall be resolved by a court of competent jurisdiction in the country of Curacao. All contracts shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Curacao.

Privacy Policy is committed to protecting your privacy. The Company uses the information collected about you to track your gaming system account and game play and to provide a more personalized game playing experience. Please read on for more details about the privacy policy.

When you participate in play for fun and play for free games, needs only to collect your email address. Collecting your email allows The Company to send you announcements and to invite you to participate in special offers and games..

When you participate in our for real money games, The Company needs your real name, email address, and mailing address. This allows The Company to allow you access to the games you wish to participate in and to reward prizes that you win or money that you withdraw from your account.

When you submit a bug, suggestion, complaint, question, request, or any other email correspondence, The Company asks for your email address so that you can receive a response.

If you win a prize or other promotional feature, The Company may ask for your real name, mailing address, and e-mail address so that you can be notified and arrange for delivery.

By registering for an account, you agree that may display your user name and game play records. From time to time, (and usually when you win a prize), The Company may ask you to voluntarily provide general demographic and other personal information for inclusion on the "Winners" page.

In addition, The Company also reserves the right to use the information collected to occasionally notify you about important functionality changes to the Web site, new services, and special offers you'll find valuable.

When you play games or access your account information, offers the use of a secure server. The secure socket layer (SSL) encrypts all information you input before it is sent to or sent to you. Furthermore, all of the customer data collected is protected against unauthorized access through the most up-to-date industry-standard security measures. does not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others. The Company may release account information when The Company believes, in good faith, that such release is reasonably necessary to (i) comply with law, (ii) enforce or apply the terms of any user agreements or (iii) protect the rights, property or safety of , players, or others.

By using the Gaming System, you consent to the collection and use of this information by . If the privacy policy changes, those changes will be posted on this page so that you are always aware of what information is collected, how the information is used, and under what circumstances the information is disclosed.

Fraud, Money dumping and Collusion also has the right to hold any and all of a player's funds indefinitely if it is found that the player has been involved in fraudulent activity on Fraudulent activity may include, but is not limited to, stolen credit cards, transfer of funds to other player accounts (chip dumping), forgery, and collusion.

"You may only use the Software in accordance with the rules posted on the site, as may be modified from time to time. In cases where disputes arise between players, you agree that judgments of are final, binding and conclusive in all matters. All taxes, duties and fees applicable in connection with any money or prizes awarded to a Player are the Player's sole responsibility. Violation of any policy or rule may result in suspension or termination of the player's account."

True Identity and One Account

"The name on your Account must match your true and legal name and identity and the name on your Account registration must match the name on the credit card(s) or other payment accounts used to deposit or receive monies in your Account. You are prohibited from holding more than one Account at If you have more than one (1) Account or Accounts in different names, then you must contact us immediately to have your Accounts managed so that you only have one (1). If you have lost your Account name or password, please contact us for a replacement."

Abusive or Offensive Language

"Abusive or offensive language will not be tolerated on the chat boards, Games, or otherwise by you on or with staff. Any violation of this policy will result in a suspension of playing privileges or such other action as may be reasonably required by to ensure compliance. In addition, you are not entitled to make untrue and/or malicious and/or damaging comments with regard to the's operation in any media or forum."

Fraudulent Activities and Prohibited Transactions

"The Company has a zero tolerance policy towards inappropriate play and fraudulent activity. If, in's sole determination, you are found to have cheated or attempted to defraud the Company or any other user of any of the Games in any way including but not limited to game manipulation or payment fraud, or if the Company suspects you of fraudulent payment, including use of stolen credit cards, or any other fraudulent activity (including any chargeback or other reversal of a payment) or prohibited transaction (including money laundering), the Company reserve's the right to suspend and/or close your Account and to share this information (together with your identity) to other online gaming sites, banks, credit card companies, and appropriate agencies."


"You agree to hold, its employees, officers, directors, licensees, licensors, affiliates, and subsidiaries harmless and further agree to fully indemnify them from any and all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages whatsoever that may arise as a result of your breach of this Agreement. Moreover, you understand and agree that (without prejudice to your other rights and remedies) records shall be the final authority in determining the terms of your participation in the Games, the activity resulting there from and the circumstances in which they occurred."

Bonus Abuse

A Player or group of players working together in any fashion, also known as a syndicate, (to receive either eCash winnings or Activity bonuses) may only have one account in total, and any redundant accounts will be consolidated into the one account. An administration fee may be charged and payouts refused for each redundant account, at the discretion of All wagering transactions in redundant accounts are subject to reversal at the sole option of also reserves the right to keep the principle of any wager placed in an attempt to defraud the house of any bonus monies, whether a party does this on their own or in collusion with other players or other sportsbooks. There is no obligation on behalf of to warn players or syndicates of this other than as explained here in the Player Agreement.

If you lose your account privileges with due to misrepresentation, fraud or purchase disputes, reserves the right to terminate your account and all transactions from the account in question may be immediately reversed at the sole discretion of

From time to time, may run special promotions, contests, tournaments, and may establish rules and regulations governing the conduct of those promotions, contests, and tournaments. or a third party shall post these rules on the Internet, and the Customer Service Representatives of shall enforce the rules. Said promotions, contests, and tournaments may be cancelled or suspended at any time without notice by In the event of an error or omission in the printed rules of a particular promotion, contest, or tournament, the decision of Management will be considered final and binding.

Bonus programs are intended for recreational bettors only. Professional players or players considered to be abusing the bonus system by any means may have bonuses revoked and be subject to further sanctions, at the discretion of management. Bonus abuse may be defined as (but not restricted to) clients cashing out for the purpose of redepositing, or referring new accounts that they are using themselves. Sanctions may be in the form of increased rollover requirements or loss of bonus privileges altogether for the offending account as well as any linked accounts. takes no responsibility for notifying winners other than to update the information available in the wager account summary statement. reserves the right to refuse payment to anyone that is found to be party to any organized wagering syndicates dedicated to changing and manipulating the odds available at shall have the right to reject any wager or withdraw any game at its absolute discretion. will not be liable for any loss whatever arising from the cancellation of any game or sports wager, including any realizable or perceived loss, for whatever reason, and/or the chance to participate in Sportsbook, Casino and Poker's system. Furthermore, reserves the right to terminate any account at any time without reason.

The player agrees that their account may be closed and account balances forfeited if such account has been dormant for over 12 months and the profile information for such account does not contain current or correct information, making it impossible for to contact the player.

At's option, a win may be subject to verification by an independent judging organization before any payment is made. Decisions of the judging organization are final, binding and conclusive in all matters. A player's sole remedy for any error or mistake by in connection with a wager placed on's system shall be a replacement wager.

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